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We always love to hear from our customers and their owners. Here are a few testimonials of our very satisfied doggies and their owners

Walt Loves his Kip & Twiggy's

Barney's owners had this to say:

Barney's dad

Surprisingly large amount in one pack! They smell nice and even more importantly the dog doesn't smell horrible after eating them! It's taken a long time to find a training treat that won't make my dog smell awful later! 

Ziggy and Dougal goes nuts for our Beef Bites

     They're great for Ziggy's sensitive stomach!     

Thoroughly recommend these dog treats. We have a frenchie and a lurcher with a very, very sensitive stomach so thought that we’d give them a try. Definitely the best decision we’ve made. Dogs love the treats and they’ve not given him any issues. Will be ordering more 🙂

A Blyth, Ziggy and Dougal's Mum