The Right Way To Switch Dog Food

Switching dog food is quite common; most dog owners will do this as their pups grow older. However, it’s essential to note that these transitions should be done slowly to allow your dog to adjust gradually.  You may have different reasons for switching your dog’s food including your vet recommending

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Are Grapes Toxic To Dogs? The Truth

As a dog owner, your main goal is to keep your dog healthy and happy. You ensure that it gets the life it deserves. One of the main things that any pet owner has concern over is their pets’ nutrition.  You must give your dog nutritious food to grow into

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5 Human Foods You Shouldn’t Give Your Dog

Our canine best friends share a lot with us – we often let them sleep in our beds, take them with us when we go out and even give them clothes that match our outfits! But one area where we may not be able to share everything is our food. 

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4 Summer Grooming Tips to Keep Dogs Cool

Summer is often the most active time of the year, and that goes for our dogs, too. Most dogs spend much more time outside during the warmer months, hiking, swimming and playing happily in the mud.  While this is all great fun, it can mean that taking care of their

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Chicken Allergies in Dogs

A Basic Guide to Chicken Allergies in Dogs 

Our canine BFFs are more similar to us than one might think, and one of those similarities is a sensitivity to certain foods. Dogs with allergies are not that uncommon with beef, dairy, and chicken allergies among the most frequent. Dogs can be allergic to chicken and it’s important to

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novel protein dog food

Novel Protein Dog Food

Is your dog struggling with itchiness or a chronically upset gut? Or has your vet recommended exploring novel protein diets to tackle food allergies? It’s never nice to see your dog chronically uncomfortable. But there’s good news. If your dog’s symptoms are related to food allergies, they could be easily

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